GOLD! And the winner is…

Oct 29, 2015

GOLD! And the winner is…

And the winner is…

And the winner is …… the drum rolls ……. the drum rolls a bit more ….. and then amazingly Hanson Zandi won Gold for the first award of the PM Awards, on behalf of Internis. What a start! Our sincere thanks go to all the judges who voted the top prize to Hanson Zandi’s Dark Summer mailer. You are clearly cool individuals of great insight and intelligence. Seriously though – thank you guys. I know it’s a long, intensive day and you gave up your time for love of the creative cause and healthcare advertising.

The Dark Truth

The Dark Truth campaign achieved an amazing 4 nominations at these prestigious awards. Then went on to win a Gold, for direct mail, Bronze for primary care campaign, and runners-up for advertisement and advertisement campaign. We did very well. So who can blame us for popping the cork on a couple of magnums of champagne that afternoon. This all comes hard on the heels of Hanson Zandi’s successes in the Digital Awards for treatment adherence and gamification a few months ago.

Brand STAR™

The Dark Truth campaign is a child of the Hanson Zandi Brand Strategic Analysis Router. It’s our internal creative tool for getting under the skin of the brand and into the minds of our target audience. The Killer Insight gave us a gem of an idea, which evolved into an exciting, show stopping campaign. Watch this space for the next creative execution.

Thank you Internis

Thanks for believing in us. As you may be aware Internis is a start-up company with a small, dedicated team and extremely limited resources. There was no budget to test the campaign. So the marketing duo used their insight and expertise and made a decision to run the Dark Truth. It’s a pretty edgy campaign and they put their faith into good old fashioned ‘gut feel’ and just went with it. Sadly that’s something we rarely see in these days of “testing, testing.” All kudos to you guys. It’s great to work with such seasoned professionals. And it has paid off big time – just take a look at the sales figures.

Hartpress Team Work

Our thanks also go to Hartpress for their significant input into the mechanism and production of the mailer. For those that have not seen it, the mailer features a beautiful summer rose, the stem of which breaks on opening. The break is synonymous with the ‘crack’ as a hip fractures. The Hartpress production team worked together with Will, our Creative Director to make sure the bespoke mechanism worked perfectly.

Healthcare Advertising Awards

So as the sun sets on another awards – the verdict is a good one all round. The PM Society awards team put on an amazing show (I loved Doc Brown) – the event was a real success. Russell Kane did a great job as did the familiar Voice of the Balls. Back in the Hanson Zandi studio our focus is on making even more ‘Creativity that Captivates’ as we embark on our 30th year in business and look forward to the next awards. Game on.

Brand STAR is a trademark of Hanson Zandi Advertising Ltd