Videos offer an opportunity to communicate information in an engaging, easy-to-assimilate way. This is especially helpful in healthcare, where complex technology, intricate procedures and scientific terminology and jargon can be difficult to navigate, especially for patients.

HCPs too can benefit, for example from clear, animated explanations of novel, sophisticated treatment modalities.

By harnessing visual storytelling, we can produce clear, accessible narratives that communicate clearly and unambiguously. In addition, patients are often anxious during consultations and may forget much of what they have been told, however careful the explanations have been.

The videos that we produce for patient, parent and carer audiences help to bridge the communication gap between the layman and the HCP.

Hanson Zandi has a great track record in producing videos:

  • to explain innovative therapies to HCPs
  • to help educate patients about their condition and its treatment
  • to help to train patients, parents and carers in the use of medical devices