Multichannel Engagement

Multichannel Engagement

Hanson Zandi were very early adopters of digital technology, whether we are talking advertisements, apps, detail aids or, indeed, any other means of communication.

As the digital world has evolved, marketeers have gained a panoply of communication channels. The complicating factor is that, just as we have acquired these tools, so have our customers. Customers have choices and preferences which will determine which channels they go to for information.

In the healthcare industries, we have numerous potential audiences including HCPs, patients, payers and other stakeholders within the healthcare space.

At Hanson Zandi, we embrace the challenge of analysing these audiences and working with our clients to develop effective communications for each of the relevant channels.  A successful multichannel approach also requires careful planning and coordination among all the stakeholders involved.

 Consistency of design, content and tone of voice produce an integrated and powerful campaign.