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Market Access Support Tools

In an outcomes-driven environment supporting both healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients, throughout the treatment journey, can add real value and support to your market access programme. In addition to economic models, digital tools can help patients become more aware of their condition and treatment and can assist them in playing a greater role in their disease management and treatment adherence. Integrated programmes can bring HCPs and patients together on the same page to share data in real time.

Hanson Zandi has developed a number of digital Market Access tools and templates that can be individualised for your brand to provide support for your Market Access programme and drive behavioural change. These tools demonstrate the value of your brand to payers and commissioners clearly and concisely. In addition, our treatment adherence apps support patients with the functionality and content that meets their needs.



This Patient Assessment Tool provides healthcare professionals with a fast and consistent method of collating patient data.


PSP-ToolKit App

Our innovative patient support programmes (PSPs) achieve engagement and our PSP-Toolkit App supports HCPs in their delivery.



Our Treatment Adherence Smartphone Apps (TASAs) engage, inform, educate and encourage patient treatment adherence. In certain therapy areas Hanson Zandi TASAs can detect non-adherence, which can then be identified and addressed.



This online portal allows healthcare professionals to engage with and monitor patients at home.


Switch-2-Save Toolkit

Our Switch-2-Save Toolkits provide Medicines Management with targeted information and the means to drive behavioural change.

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Budget Impact Models

We specialise in Budget Impact Models for iPads and other tablets.



This cloud-based Formulary Application Support Tool is a vital market access tool for any brand that needs to get on to NHS formularies. The Fast-TRAQ® system offers the following benefits:

Timely: Drives and expedites formulary submissions

Responsive: Works across all desktop and mobile devices

Analytical: MSL and sales team activity can be monitored

Quantifiable: Results are measurable and comparable




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